Dexcom 5G Thus Far

A lot has changed since I wore a continuous glucose monitoring system five years ago during pregnancy.

There are no trials to test out the product.  Last time I used a CGM the results were sketchy at best and unreliable.

Pre-approval through my insurance was less than a week.  Before I had to battle with them for two rounds to get approval.

In December, I ordered a Dexcom 5G.  I had nearly met my deductible for the year, so my cost was $550 for a receiver, 2 transmitters, and 2 boxes of sensors.  I paid up front.

I love my new sensor. I am amazed at the accuracy between the Dexcom and blood meter readings!  With a good sensor, I am a couple points off.  I can see what is happening all the time (exercise is back on the daily menu).  It buzzes and beeps when I get too low. I can download to share reports with my diabetes educator.


It is bulky and one more piece of equipment to calibrate, manage, and remember where I put it.

I do not have an iPhone, but the sharing feature could be helpful to others.  Your iPhone can act as your receiver, then you can “add” people to view your bloodsugars.  Seems a little personal to me to be under watch 24/7, but a worrisome mother would appreciate this.

It was billed incorrectly through my insurance, so a claim for over $2000 came the next month. heartattack.  I had to contact Dexcom several times before a note was made on my account to work with my insurance, who billed the CGM as a prosthesis (Home Equipment) instead of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).  After this is over, I will find that funny.  Right now the looming bill of $2K is stressing me out.

The packaging for the sensor is not built for traveling and pieces fall off after a couple days in my bag.

My receiver died less than a month in.  ERR212 and ERR68 showed up.  All my data was lost.  I had to wait 3 days for a new receiver to be mailed to me.

Technical services can take forever to get back to you.  After 2 hours on hold, I finally turned in my errors to find out it was a programming error.

The tape on the sensor lasts for 3 days before falling off.

My skin isn’t keen on the big patch for a week.  I may need to find some new locations beside the stomach.

Overall, the Dexcom has allowed me to find patterns I would have missed and get back to exercising without the worry of bottoming out when out for a jog.

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How to Lose 10 Inches- Instantly

Fad diets, plastic surgery, uncomfortable corsets.

There are many ways to lose 10 inches.

There is only one way to lose it painlessly.

Cheers to someone else who will appreciate my hair more than me.

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Grandma’s Iris

Nothing says, “I’m a grandma” to me like an iris.


My great-grandmother had iris and lilacs.  My grandmas had iris (and lilacs).

I tried to salvage some iris bulbs from our old house, but only a couple survived.  I am trying to keep them alive.

The iris bulbs were from my grandmother- overflow from her patch on the ranch.  I had them in our old flowerbed for 3 years after she gave them to me.

The iris never bloomed in those early years.

My grandmother passed away in January.

And the irises bloomed that spring.

Some may call it a “sign”.  I know I teared up when I saw the buds for the first time, as if Grandma was tending to my flower bed from heaven.  (Which I need all the help when it comes to flowers and lawns!)

I always think of grandmas when I see an iris bloom.


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Shot at and…

“Shot at and missed….


Sh!t on and hit.”

It’s been one of those days/weeks/month.

History to this great quote:

My friend lived in the country and the place they bought came with an outhouse.  (An outhouse what you use when the water pipes freeze, or the plumber takes forever to visit your extremely rural area, or when a Sandhiller tries to fix the problem himself.  It’s a small building over a hole that substitutes for a real toilet.)

Her outhouse was used by many a bored (and witty) persons.  They would scratch in toilet related poems and sayings.  This great saying came from that outhouse.

You’re welcome.  Now you can put into words when you have a really, bad day.

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Friday Thoughts

Thought for the day:  Does recycling the cardboard out of your Reece’s peanut butter package make you a better person?

My Dad driving Angus Herd

If so, I’m a really good person most days.

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Rain, Glorious Rain!

The driest March on record meant lots of sand blowing.  I was regretting the dirt work to get our “new” house in.  Sand has been blasted through the doors and windows.

Luckily we missed the fires that started across the state.

FIREonHill6509Thankfully, we have had a week of wet weather.  Rain, rain, and more rain.

Back when the grass was green and tall and wet stuff called "rain" fell from the sky.

The parched hills have filled up & turned green.  The spring flowers have exploded.


The morning sun shines through the pure white and baby green plum bushes.  The road ditches are alive with the new blooms.

The morning sun shines through the pure white and baby green plum bushes. The road ditches are alive with the new blooms.

One of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring- the purple cow peas.

One of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring- the purple cow peas.

The grass is greening up.  For now, we can enjoy the rain and the peace-of-mind that the cows will stay put.

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Out with the Crib

When ReeRee was born we bought a crib that converted into a toddler bed.  I would highly recommend the crib/bed, as it stayed part of the furniture for over 4 years.

Since our friends, Cindy & Dave, are moving, we bought their daybed and sofa.  After loading the old furniture and loading the new furniture, Newt and I decided that we would never, ever buy another sofa or bed again.

As we bolted the new daybed back together, I told ReeRee she would have to love her new bed forever.  Or at least until she was married and moved out.

“OK, MawMom.  I will love my bed for 4 more years until I’m married.”

Not quite the answer I was expecting.

Cindy and Dave- you wondered how ReeRee liked her new bed?  I asked her that exact question- her answer was again not what I expected.  “Mom- I don’t like my new bed…

New bed



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Meet Spike

First we lost Hairy- ReeRee’s black kitten.

Then Rowdy- ReeRee’s black puppy.

Then Torpedo killed 5 of Hissy Kitty’s brand new kittens.

Fingers crossed Spike, the new addition to the ranch, lives for many moons.

Meet SpikeSpike will be a fierce, ankle biting cowdog someday.  But right now, he is ReeRee’s buddy and friend.

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So fast

ReeRee is growing up too fast.  I look at her baby pictures and tear up.

Three and freeShe looks so big in this picture, but someday I will look back and think what a little thing she was.

Time is going by too fast.

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Wise Quote of the Day

The rain was pouring off the roof and directly onto the block layers below.

I had taken a break from sanding and mudding drywall to chip/peel/cuss/cut away the ancient linoleum that refuses to leave the floor.

The block layer came in to say it was too wet to lay cement and they would be back (haha- that is contractor language for “see you in 3 months”).  He was pretty upset they couldn’t stay, but Mother Nature does what she wishes.

As the pickup drove away, and I was left to chip away linoleum, when a great quote popped into my head.


“Don’t let what you can’t control, control you.”

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

I know- deep.  Generations of worry-ing genetics causes me to fret and stew over nearly everything.

I had lost sleep, thought about terrible scenarios, and ate more than my average share of chocolate over our house insurance.  The insurance company would insure the house for nearly nothing ($20K) until the skirting or block was up, then the insurance would become a comfortable amount.

I can’t control the crazy weather around here, but I did call my insurance agent and get a different policy on the house, starting now.

I feel much better with one less thing to worry about.  ahhh.


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