Diabetes- Type 1


It has been a hard couple of days.

The bloodsugars are NOT cooperating!

My average is double what it should be and I am hovering around 250 the entire time.

I’ve changed my infusion set (three times!!!), changed my tubing and insulin twice, upped my basal rate by 25%, and overbolus on meals.

I should be dead from all the insulin I’ve taken.

I tried eating “simple” foods like yogurt and cereal. I tried not eating anything, bolusing, and exercising (only cause a small dip down to 168).

I’m up every 2 hours to recheck my bloodsugars to see if they have (finally) gone done. Only to realize they are up even more. errr.

Nothing is working… I feel like I’ve been ran over by the ketone train. My eyes burn, I’m hungry, and I’m just mad when what you are suppose to do doesn’t work.

Put me out of my misery. Throw me in a blowout and let the coyotes nibble on my bones.

You know you feel like “yuck” when you throw out the old put-me-in-the-blowout saying.


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Uggh- the Cold

I have a told. No: a Told! A TOLD, A TOLD!

sniff, sniff, AWCHHOO! Yes, that kind of “told”. The kind that stuffs you up so bad you say “T” instead of “C”.

Your eyes burn. Your head hurts. There is a scab on the back of your throat where the bacteria are having a party in your tonsils. The hang-ee-downy thing in the back of your throat feels limp and lifeless. You have no energy.

I know I am officially sick when my bloodsugars quadruple into the high 200’s and 300’s. For no good reason… ice cream is a good reason. A sniffle is not a good reason.

So I will up my temp basal, keep trying to exercise, and start a diet of Lipton noodle soup and sugar-free Powerade to stabilize my bloodsugars.

Maybe soon, my body will have whipped this cold and I can get back to normal.

sniff. sniff.

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Cinnamon Crispies

The last few weeks have been frantic. Busy. Stressful. I’m glad this week is almost over, so I can start posting more.

When time gets tight and I’m hungry for something a little sweet, ReeRee and I make “Cinnamon Crispies”. We even had time to make a batch last week- yes, they are that easy and quick!

I have altered the original recipes so it is healthier*.

The recipe starts with “Pat-in-the-Pan” pie crust. No rolling pins needed and less saturated fat than my grandma’s (delicious, flaky, crusty) lard pie crust. Minimal dishes to wash with maximum spicy aroma in the kitchen!

Start with 1.75 cups flour (1 and 3/4 cups) and mix in 1/2 teaspoon salt in a bowl. Set aside.

Measure 1/2 cup canola oil.
Measure 1/2 cup oil

I’m lazy, so I just add my 1/4 cup of milk to the oil.
Add 1/4 c milk

Then add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.
Add wet to dry

Mix quickly. Look at my super-speedy spoon!
Stir until just moistened

Don’t overmix. Just until the ingredients come together. Use your hands to form a ball.
Form a ball

Now take the ball and pat onto a cookie sheet. You could use a rolling pin, but my cookie sheet wasn’t wide enough, so ReeRee and I just patted until the crust was a thin, uniform layer.
Press or roll

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top. (Don’t be chinchy- put lots of cinnamon on. Good flavor and little calories.)
Add cinnamon

ReeRee wanted to put the sugar on next. I would advise to “sprinkle” the sugar, instead of dumping it in one spot.
Add sugar

A couple spoonfuls of white sugar is enough for this recipe.

Cut into small strips with a pizza cutter. Eat the odd-looking/bumpy pieces on the end.
Cut with pizza cutter

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 440 degrees (my oven cooks a little hot, so I adjust down 10 degrees…) for 8-10 minutes until the sides and bottom are golden brown.

Cinnamon Crispies YUMMO
The kitchen will fill with a warm, spicy cinnamon aroma. It’s hard to wait long enough for the Cinnamon Crispies to cool enough to eat.

A favorite in our household and easy for small children to make!

My other favorite sugar-free recipes is taking the “Pat-in-the-Pan” pie crust, pat into a pie pan, prick with a fork, and bake at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. Make a box of sugar-free cook&serve chocolate pudding. Pour into cooled crust and enjoy a piece of chocolate heaven guilt free!

*Healthier- not healthy. The trans-fat Crisco was substituted for heart healthy canola oil. Go easy on the sugar and heavy on the cinnamon for fewer carbs.

Recipe for Cinnamon Crispies:
1 and 3/4 cups of flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup milk

Pat onto a cookie sheet (same thickness as a pie crust). Sprinkle with cinnamon. Sprinkle 1-2 spoonfuls of white sugar. Cut into small strips. Bake at 450 degree for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Cool and enjoy!

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Pharmacies on the Prairie

I gathered with some college friends last weekend. One of my friend’s mom works in the pharmacy where I get my insulin supplies.

“Don’t you have a pharmacy closer?” she asked.

The answer is no. The closest pharmacy is 65 miles. I have 3 options- 65 miles to the east, 65 miles to the north, or 65 miles to the south.

Shipping is nearly $8 a shot, but it is cheaper than driving that far. Although I don’t like to ship my insulin supplies in the heat or the cold. Which (in the Sandhills) is about 2 weeks of decent shipping temperatures.

I do like multiple month supplies, where I can order 2 or 3 months at a time. But you have to watch how you order, or it will double your co-pay. If I ask for a 20 day supply, it is $52. If I ask a month’s supply, it is $117.52. Insurance- I don’t understand it.

Pharmacies on the prairie… they really don’t exist. You have to drive to farm country to find one.

How far is it to YOUR local pharmacy?

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Post #100

Wow! I can’t believe I have created 100 posts about my somewhat boring life.

I wish I could have a completely cool 100 episode (like Castle), but instead I leave you with this image.

This never happens.  My meter should be on a blood test commercial.

This never happens. My meter should be on a blood test commercial.

The Perfect 100!

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R-rated Teeth

As I’ve mentioned before, dentists are one of my proximity-based fears.(https://diabeticontheprairie.com/2012/03/25/fear-based-on-proximity/   .)  Dentists, as well as bulls and electric fences, will only cause you pain if they are close enough to touch you.

Not only did I have to get a new dentist, but I also had an abscessed tooth before I made the switch.  (AND the new dentist isn’t a PPO on my insurance.This worries me, too.).

Little old me thought you got some antibiotics and your abscessed tooth was cured.  Unfortunately for me, I needed another root canal.

And then I entered my own personal scary movie.  Not just any root canal.  A root canal through the side of my head.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Shots, incision, a filling in the side of my tooth, chipping away at my jaw bone to find and remove the top piece of infected root with pliers, and stitches.

I nearly passed out when I heard this is what would be happening to me.  Appointment day came.  My bloodsugars spiked to 300 due to the stress.

A topical numbing agent, shots to deaden the pain, a cut through my gum to find the bad nerve, drilling, a snap, stitch-stitch-stitch.  “Well, you are all done!” the dentist said.

I looked at my watch.  Only 15 minutes had passed.  X-rays take longer than this!

“Lucky for you, your tooth was not imbedded into the bone.  We refer to it as a ‘naked tooth’.”

Lucky for me, I have R-rated teeth.  Nudity and all.

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I read it takes 120 days of exercise, before other people can tell you are losing weight.  Christmas and a month of stressful potential life changing events put me another five pounds in the red.  I decided it was time for some action (as in walking/running, not eating yummy donuts).

But exercise is hard on my bloodsugars. (https://diabeticontheprairie.com/2013/01/27/exercise-good-for-the-diabetic/).  I’m low, I’m high, I end up eating more calories in glucose tabs than I burned off.

But after a week of exercising, I had success.  Three 15 minutes shifts on the treadmill (walking, walking with weights, running (briefly)), and just only two glucose tabs, a reduced bolus for supper, and temporary basals that evening.

The temporary basals were what I was missing.  I started exercising at 5:30 pm, lower my basal rate for 4.5 hours to 75%, then at 10 pm (bloodsugar of 93), I lowered my basal another 5 hours to 60%.  Midnight- 145.  7 am- 92. No early morning lows.

Finally, success!  Let’s hope I can keep up the exercising (I dread it and crave it) and the good bloodsugars.

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Exercise- Good for the Diabetic?

“Eat right and get exercise and your diabetes will go away.”  Excuse me while I go beat up the person that just said that.  I’ve had doctors, “friends”, and diabetic magazines tell me this lie.

If you have the less complicated Type 2 diabetes, this advice might work for you.  As a Type 1 diabetic, I’ve found exercise is my nemesis.  It makes me fat and has attempted murder.

I would like to become a runner.  All my siblings made it to State Track, except for me.  I feel running is in my blood.  Here is the problem- when I run, I need to plan more than you did for your last 2 week family vacation, my bloodsugars fall, I have to eat more calories than I burned , and three hours later my bloodsugars are in the roof hovering in the 300’s or I crash into a sweaty hypoglycemia in the wee hours of the morning.

Example: I want to run after work.  Set my temp basal to 70% an hour and a half before I get home, which is just as I run out the door from work, drive 30 minutes to pick up ReeRee, whip up a quick supper, and… ReeRee hurt her finger.  Exercise is delayed another 30 minutes.  Newt is home and he and ReeRee lay on the couch to watch me run (after all ReeRee has never seen the treadmill work before).  I dust off the panel, take a blood test.  WHAT!  108.  I’m suppose to be higher than that.  Eat 2 glucose tabs.  Run/walk off and on for 30 minutes (burning 100 calories- whoopee).  Post bloodtest- 85!  Eat 3 more glucose tabs.  Half an hour later- 55!  Crap- 3 more glucose tabs.  Bedtime- ahh 108.  Two hours later- what!  45!  Eat 3 more glucose tabs.  Three hours later- eeerrr 55!  More glucose.  Two hours later- 90, so tired, going to sleep.  Wake up at 55, eat 3 more glucose tabs.

Calories burned: 100.

Calories consumed from glucose tabs: 250.

And the joy of almost killing myself in the night- priceless.

So don’t judge diabetics.  Exercise won’t cure them, it might even kill them.

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Pancreas in the Ditch

I talk a lot about the first part of my title “Chickens in the Road” and ranch life.  But I haven’t been covering the “Pancreas in the Ditch” and my struggles with Type 1 diabetes.

Why?  After pondering this question, I came up with this.  Diabetes is constant (like that annoying ringing in your ears when you get a cold- no one else notices or can even tell that every second is freaking driving you crazy!)  You try to explain to someone, and they look at you funny and say “I don’t hear anything.  My ears aren’t ringing.”

Diabetes is infuriating.  The intricate web our body’s call hormones are a well-oiled machine.  Until a hormone goes missing (ie. insulin) and the motor runs rough and sputters.  I went to bed at a perfect 112 bloodsugar.  Checked at 2 am- 162, not great, not bad.  Checked at 6 am- 400.  Holy cow- didn’t see that coming!   Same routine as the day before, same routine the day after and totally different results.

So pat the right side of your stomach today and say “thanks” to your pancreas if it still works.

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The Low that Makes You High

Hmmm, that title could be misinterpreted by anyone not diabetic.  I get funny looks when I take a blood test, whistle under my breath at the result, and say “Wow, I’m high.”  People at my table look over to see if I am shooting up or rolling some weed.  (I’ve noticed I also get funny looks from urbanites when I mention mowing marijuana.  The corrals fill up with weeds, including that weed, and you mow it down with the tractor.  Ranchers just let it lay- no reason to bale, it has no feed value for the cows.  I find NO pleasure in mowing down that dusty, pollen laden crap.  It stinks to high heaven and gives you a terrible headache.)

But I digress… my bloodsugars have been on the high side lately.  A lot of 200’s and some pesky 300’s I can’t get rid of at night.  Ahhh, I can hear your judgments already.  “No wonder she has complications with her diabetes.”  You are the same people who criticized Paula Deen for eating butter and getting diabetes.

But here is what you don’t understand.  I could tighten up control.   I could be more generous with my carb ratio.  But it just takes just one low, one low that scares you enough.  You tend to run higher out of fear.

I had that low.  It was after ReeRee’s birthday party.  I was exhausted and drug myself off of the couch.  It was 8:45 pm, but I didn’t care.  I was so tired I thought about sleeping in my clothes.  I felt fine, got ready for bed, and almost forgot to take a bloodtest.

37.  Hmm, my meter must be off.  I took another test.  My finger was steady as I applied the drop of blood.  36.  My lowest bloodsugar I have ever taken on myself.  I wandered to the kitchen and downed a bottle of glucose, ate 3 glucose tabs, and stirred up a very large glass of chocolate milk. (For those adding up carbs, you are correct.  This does not equal 15 grams.  Death was knocking at my door and I was overdoing it.)

Sleep was nonexistent that night.  I told Newt how low I was and told him to wake me in 15 minutes.  84.  I forced myself awake for another hour.  96.  The next hour- 88.  I finally fell asleep and woke up at 114.

A neighbor was fixing his pickup when his jack slipped off and the pickup crushed his neck and head.  It should have killed him, but it only scraped off a little skin and bruised his face.  He told me that he “never given death a thought before, but this time I got scared thinking how close I was to being killed.”

That low of 37 (or 36.5 if you average it), got me scared of how close I was to being killed.

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