Exercise Back on the Menu

Exercise and I never liked each other.

Exercise is supposed to be good for a diabetic.  Lower bloodsugars, loose weight, make you feel good.

Exercise for me: roller coaster of lows/highs/lows, gained weight, and felt like crap from the roller coaster ride.

With my new Dexcom and my diabetic educator, exercise is back on the daily menu.

Tips I Learned about Exercise:

-Exercise in the morning, before you have any boluses in your system.  If you have bolused in the last 4 hrs, be careful exercising.  My sugars bottom out quickly!

-Exercise for less than 30 minutes (light to moderate)- not a lot to change.  Bolus normally for breakfast, but watch out 6 hours later when your sugars will drop.

-Exercise for more than 30 minutes- be prepared to sip on watered down juice or gatorade for 10-15 g of carbohydrates.

-Anaerobic raises bloodsugars (weight lifting).

I have been biking for an hour in the mornings, pushing for 5 days a week.  I also have a 7 minute workout (jump jacks, planks, lunges, etc) and trying to get 10 good pushups in a day.

When you and Exercise have been at odds as long as I have, this will be quite an undertaking to keep up.

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