Dexcom 5G Thus Far

A lot has changed since I wore a continuous glucose monitoring system five years ago during pregnancy.

There are no trials to test out the product.  Last time I used a CGM the results were sketchy at best and unreliable.

Pre-approval through my insurance was less than a week.  Before I had to battle with them for two rounds to get approval.

In December, I ordered a Dexcom 5G.  I had nearly met my deductible for the year, so my cost was $550 for a receiver, 2 transmitters, and 2 boxes of sensors.  I paid up front.

I love my new sensor. I am amazed at the accuracy between the Dexcom and blood meter readings!  With a good sensor, I am a couple points off.  I can see what is happening all the time (exercise is back on the daily menu).  It buzzes and beeps when I get too low. I can download to share reports with my diabetes educator.


It is bulky and one more piece of equipment to calibrate, manage, and remember where I put it.

I do not have an iPhone, but the sharing feature could be helpful to others.  Your iPhone can act as your receiver, then you can “add” people to view your bloodsugars.  Seems a little personal to me to be under watch 24/7, but a worrisome mother would appreciate this.

It was billed incorrectly through my insurance, so a claim for over $2000 came the next month. heartattack.  I had to contact Dexcom several times before a note was made on my account to work with my insurance, who billed the CGM as a prosthesis (Home Equipment) instead of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).  After this is over, I will find that funny.  Right now the looming bill of $2K is stressing me out.

The packaging for the sensor is not built for traveling and pieces fall off after a couple days in my bag.

My receiver died less than a month in.  ERR212 and ERR68 showed up.  All my data was lost.  I had to wait 3 days for a new receiver to be mailed to me.

Technical services can take forever to get back to you.  After 2 hours on hold, I finally turned in my errors to find out it was a programming error.

The tape on the sensor lasts for 3 days before falling off.

My skin isn’t keen on the big patch for a week.  I may need to find some new locations beside the stomach.

Overall, the Dexcom has allowed me to find patterns I would have missed and get back to exercising without the worry of bottoming out when out for a jog.

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