Food the Enemy

Overeater: Food is a Friend.

Chefs: Food is a Job.

Valentine’s Day: Food is Love.

Diabetics: Food is the Enemy.

I have been diabetic going on my 4th decade (31+ years).  Over 30 years ago, table sugar was evil.  You could make “sugarfree” pumpkin pie using sweetener and 2 cans of apple juice concentrate.  (Note: a regular pie had few carbs and less impact on bloodsugars than that crummy tasting “sugarfree” stuff.)


Fast forward, carbs are the devil.  Diabetics can eat bacon, cheese, butter, but not bread, cake, or potatoes.  Oh wait, diabetics should only ever eat salads (just lettuce).


The fads of diabetic eating come and go.  But for a diabetic, one thing says the same “Food is the Enemy”.


Food makes your bloodsugars go high.  Food makes you fat.  Food makes you at a higher risk for mind-blowing complications.  Food is the devil.


Unless the food is locally raised, fresh, and in season.  In the middle of winter, staring at the wilting produce and bags of cheap, frozen green beans, “good” food is still out of my grasp.  Of course, I could make the 150 mile drive for a couple of fresh zucchini in the “big town” grocery store.


Three decades of type 1 diabetes burns into your brain the unworthy nature of your broken pancreas.


*You are not worthy to eat when your bloodsugars are high.


*You are not worthy to eat when you are above your ideal weight.


*You are not worthy to eat food that makes your sweet tooth sing.


*You are worthy to eat 15 g of glucose tabs when you are low.


*You are not worthy to eat more for lows, or pay for the rebound later.


*You are not worthy to eat when traveling, stressed, or have stomach nerve damage.



Food is the enemy and you are not worthy.

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