Ever Had a Bad Bloodsugar Day?

Diabetics: have you ever had a really, really bad day?  That finger stick reveals sugars in the 240’s.

You bolus.  The next hour you are 289.

You exercise.

You bolus.  The next hour you are 312.

You stop eating for the rest of the day to try to figure out what in the world is going on.

You rage bolus.  Eat a bowl of ice cream and the rest of the Easter candy.  And take a nap.

You are 114.  Yeah!  You feel the numbers level out.

The next hour you are 280.  You feel the ketones cause the neutral pH of the blood to sway- proteins start to unravel, losing their quaternary and tertiary structures.

When you pull your infusion set, everything makes sense.

Usually, I have blood in the tube, or a slight kink when bloodsugars go astray.  Surely a 45 degree kink in my infusion tubing would have caused havoc…

Infusion setThe crazy thing is- I didn’t have any problems with this set.  My bloodsugars responded to boluses.  My basal was fine.

But seriously, how did this ever happen?  Maybe my six pack made the needle bounce back (harhar!).






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