Starting from Ground Zero

I have been working with my old diabetes educator who moved shortly afterReeRee was born.  Like 13 hours (one way) away.

I was in a bubble by myself- dealing with my diabetes.

I was sick of not being able exercise for fear of the lows (50-) followed by the extreme highs (300+).

I was physically tired from the brutal swings, it was (and still is) exhausting.

I have been stalking Marcey for a while, because she is the only person who can make sense of my numbers.  After 30  years of living with the disease, it wasn’t getting any easier.

She is now doing distance clinics!  Perfect for me who dreaded (but considered) the 13  hr drive one way.

Marcey, for whom I love her positivity, sounded thrilled that “I was motivated”.

Hmmm, I thought to myself.  I thought I was at the bottom of the hole I had dug myself into.  Looking up towards the sky…


  • to stabilize bloodsugars to avoid the up and downs (we are getting closer on this- with just evenings to figure out)
  • deal with my stomach emptying slowly (diabetic complication- you’ve heard of diabetics with nerve damage in their feet.  I have it my stomach… and maybe my brain.)
  • add exercise.  I haven’t broke a sweat in years.  Thinking of breaking a sweat is making me go low.
  • have a sick and broken pump plan.  What to do when the flu hits?  What kind of shot units do I give?

Looking into my crystal ball, I see a lot of work cut out for Marcey and I.  Problems?  Marcey would call these challenges!

I now have two people in my “diabetes bubble”.  Not being alone is a wonderful thing!

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