Adhesive Capsulitis- Frozen Shoulder

I always thought old people were crabby, because they were old.  I was wrong.

I have been meaning to write about my “frozen shoulders” for a while.  My arthritis flared up last night, and “Frozen” the movie makes all things frozen popular. LET IT GO! LET IT GOOOOOoooo!  (ReeRee can really blast out this song.)  LET THE SUN SHIIIINNE ON THE SNOOOOOOOW!

It has been about 2 years since I had the symptoms.

  • sudden pain
  • sudden loss of muscle contractions in my arms (like when I was pushing myself up from playing on the floor with baby ReeRee & I would fall into a heap)
  • eventually, I couldn’t reach up.  The cups were too high to put away in the shelf.  You could have taped a million dollar bill to the top of a door frame, and I would have had to get a chair to get it.

I went to the local physical therapist (a mere 45 miles away).  She moved my arms around (or as much as she could, because I would finch and muscles would tighten down).  Then she left the room and called a doctor.  When she came back, she confirmed the diagnosis “Adhesive capsulitis” or frozen shoulders.

Adhesive capsulitis is an auto-immune disease that attacked the cartilage in the shoulder joint, causing it to become a tight, tangled mess of scar tissue.  Your once fluid joint is tightened down until movement stops.

Go figure- my body already destroyed my pancreas, why not my shoulder collagen?

For 10 painful sessions, the PT tried to break out the scar-tissue by stretching my arms.  By this time, I ached all the time and I started feel mean.  If I hurt this bad, why shouldn’t everyone around me feel the same way?

Then my insurance had maxed out her visits to ten and she suggested seeing a doctor.

To make a long story short, the doctor knocked me out, then physically broke out the scar tissue so my arms were able to rotate again.

Two non-cutting surgeries later, my scar tissue has been broke out.  The doctors warn that this disease has a tendency to come back every 3 years, so I am due for it back next year.

I try to ignore the fact I have a type of arthritis, but when weather systems move in (like these rain storms), my joints are painful and my bloodsugars tend to run higher.

So if you have the symptoms of frozen shoulder, don’t wait (for 9 months) like I did, thinking I had pulled a muscle.

Old people are crabby because they have arthritis and they hurt.  Not because they are old.

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