Plant of the Week- Common Evening Primrose

The cool and wet spring and summer have been good for the “Common Evening Primrose”.  (I used to hate writing this long name on our high school range judging score cards- there just wasn’t enough room on the little space for the name.)

Common evening primroseThe road ditches are full of the bright yellow flowers.  The color is bright and clean and refreshing against the dark green grass leaves.  However, I would never want to paint my walls this color.

Also known as the “Fourcorner Evening Primrose” because of the four yellow petals.

This plant is a biennial, meaning the plant only lives for two years. Most biennials flower the second year.

The flowers will turn into green bananas, full of seeds.  I’ve also heard this referred to as the “Banana Plant”.

Did the primose do well at your place?

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