A. Sprinkle Toes

We got a new puppy- like “last minute” got a new puppy.

If you know me, you know how much I love taking care of puppies (not) and making quick decisions (not, again).

After Buster got hit by a car, we are one cowdog short.  A neighbor called and told us about a litter of puppies that were $500 each and spoken for.  Then the husband passed away, and the family didn’t know who the puppies went to.  Now the pups are 4 months old and much cheaper.

So after a speaking engagement, I picked up the black-and-white border collie puppy the next day.  Karen, the owner, was nice enough to let me borrow her kennel to haul him home.

Newt was giving ReeRee a bath when I got home.  The pup wouldn’t come out of the cage, so I finished ReeRee’s bath, while he extracted a puppy.

“Did you and Daddy come up with a name for the new puppy?” I asked.

The towel was wrapped around her serious face… “Yes, Sprinkle Toes.”

Sprinkle ToesA picture of Newt loping across the pasture popped into my head.  He and his dogs were moving cows.  Newt points an arm to the back of the herd and shouts, “GET BY, SPRINKLE TOES!”  And all the other cowboys snicker…

So Daddy and ReeRee came to a compromise- First Name: Ace, Middle Name: Sprinkle Toes.

ReeRee loving up A. Sprinkle Toes

I think Mr. A. Sprinkle Toes likes it here.

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