She Wears Pearls to AI

ReeRee and I went to help Newt AI the heifers and cows.

Newt and I dressed for the part, but ReeRee felt the need to show off some bling.

“She wore pearls to AI” sounds like the beginning of some cowboy poetry.

She Wears Pearls to AI ReeRee thought AIing was quite interesting.  If you have not heard of Artificial Insemination (or AI), then viewer discretion  is advised.

She talked the entire time and here are some highlights:

“It’s raining POOP!  There is pooop everywhere- it’s a poop storm!”

“MomMom, can you walk down with me?  Will that cow get me?”

Gives Newt an AI glove, “Now Daddy, put that on your fingers, in the finger holes, now here is the goo.  Go stick your hand in that cow’s butt.”

“Ahhh, it’s hot!” referring to the steaming empty container bubbling with liquid nitrogen.

Shhh, ReeRee.  The cows are coming in, pretend you are a post. “MomMom, I want to be a post that sits on your feet.  Hahaha, have you seen a post sit before?”  (So much for the still, silent post impersonation.)

“What?  We’re done.  I don’t want to go take a bath and go to bed!” followed by sleep deprived tears and tantrums.

Newt was glad to be finished.  He AIed 301 head in 8 days.  Another reason I can’t wait for our house to be finished- we can actually see him during AI season.

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2 thoughts on “She Wears Pearls to AI

  1. Martha Wiseman

    The need for bling…

    I love it!

  2. Martha Wiseman

    That is a really cool picture, telling the whole story from one photo.

    It’s like an illustration out of a story book!

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