Wise Quote of the Day

The rain was pouring off the roof and directly onto the block layers below.

I had taken a break from sanding and mudding drywall to chip/peel/cuss/cut away the ancient linoleum that refuses to leave the floor.

The block layer came in to say it was too wet to lay cement and they would be back (haha- that is contractor language for “see you in 3 months”).  He was pretty upset they couldn’t stay, but Mother Nature does what she wishes.

As the pickup drove away, and I was left to chip away linoleum, when a great quote popped into my head.


“Don’t let what you can’t control, control you.”

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

I know- deep.  Generations of worry-ing genetics causes me to fret and stew over nearly everything.

I had lost sleep, thought about terrible scenarios, and ate more than my average share of chocolate over our house insurance.  The insurance company would insure the house for nearly nothing ($20K) until the skirting or block was up, then the insurance would become a comfortable amount.

I can’t control the crazy weather around here, but I did call my insurance agent and get a different policy on the house, starting now.

I feel much better with one less thing to worry about.  ahhh.


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