The Work (and Stress) Continues

I would like to say my life is full of butterflies, and unicorns, and fully functioning islet cells, but it’s not.

The remodel continues, or unravels, depending on when you ask… contractors NEVER show up when they say.

The masonry guy came this week, twice.  The first day he unloaded, the next day he got rained out (although the sun came out an hour later).  He says our slab isn’t deep enough and sooner or later the blocks will crack.  The house is set crooked- blah, blah blah.

So maybe someday we will have blocks to keep the mice out and the heat in.

Blocks after rainMom helped mud this weekend and watch ReeRee.  Between diabetes, job, ranch, kid, house to remodel, house to run, and husband, I am at my wits end.  It’s nice to have someone take one responsibility, even if it is just as small as giving ReeRee her bath.

On to the House Remodel Update:

*Kitchen received the final coat of drywall mud on 3 of the 4 walls.  I am also chipping away at the linoleum floor that caused all the mold.

3rd coat kitchen

*Living room wall was Panda-Pawed and textured.  Check.

South Living Room after Texture

*Dave will be so proud of me- I drywalled (all by myself) behind the kitchen range.  I also had to patch around the holes the drywallers made for the outlets they moved.

Wall before…

Behind stove before

Wall after…

Drywalled behind stoveSo if the plumbers ever come, and the block layers make it back, and the roof/siding/mud-room-adder-on-er guy makes it up, we should be almost ready to move in!

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