To Pre or Not to Pre…

To Pre or Not to Pre… that is the question?

ReeRee is just old enough to go to Kindergarten when she is five, or just young enough to go to Kindergarten when she barely six years old.

But she can only go to Pre-School this year, as a four year old.  If we hold her back until she is 6 yrs old for kindergarten, then she won’t be able to go to pre-school next year.

Kite down the road

I am having a hard time deciding.

Part of me wants to keep her in my safe little bubble, with days full of Grammy’s and Daddy’s, and in the evenings- me.  No mean kids picking on her.  Going to garden with Grammy and do chores with Daddy and ride Willy the pony.

But the other part doesn’t want her to become a uber-shy Sandhiller with no social skills.  However, my already packed schedule will become a logistical nightmare- 8 am drop off, 8:30 am office, 11:30 am pick up, 4:30 pm leave work, and then throw in all the days I travel (leave by 5 am, home by 10 pm).

What would you do?  Pre-school or stay at home?

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One thought on “To Pre or Not to Pre…

  1. School Marm

    The question is: Is she ready or not? If you hold her, she could get bored. You were definitely ready for school. Girls are usually good to go, boys usually need a bit more time to mature. Love from your School Marm!

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