Little Bathroom Update

The little bathroom is small and dark.  Since we were working without electricity for a while, work in this room only happened on really sunny days.

I removed the toilet (easy peasy) with a sledge hammer and ran the pieces outside as water ran out.  Gag- note to self: do not go into plumbing as a second career.

The fiberglass tub fought back.  After the easy tap with the hammer destroyed the toilet, I took a swing at the tub.

Fiberglass has some spring to it and my hammer bounced back into the calf of my leg.  After hopping around on one leg, I found Newt who saw-zawed the tub in half.

Little Bathroom May 17Surprisingly, this was the only room in the house where the water didn’t leak.  However, the sink is not vented, so we may have to move the sink to the same wall as the shower guts (right hand side of picture).

However, the mice came up through the holes where the plumbing came in and poo-ed under the tub.  It was the only place we found mice poop.  (Note to self- use lots of steel wool and seal in the cracks in the subfloor.  The sloppy work on this house drives me crazy.)

After chipping away at the linoleum that was glued directly to the floor for hours, I bought a heat gun.  It is still a slow painful process, but I removed all the tile in about 2 hours.  Versus 2 hours of chipping and only a few tiles removed.

Little bathroom May 26The little bathroom is ready for the plumbers to rough in lines this week.

I hope the plumbers show.  I’ve found contractors to never be on time or come the day they say they will.  Sigh.

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