House Remodel

Due to our “fluid” state, Newt and I bought a crappy double wide that we hope to fix up, but still would be able to move later on (if needed).

The flip included everything inside.  Then our crappy house mover destroyed the mud room addition.  Once moved, the roof and siding didn’t look as good.

Block foundation, new roof, new siding and house wrap, new addition, plumbing, heat pump/HVAC, electrical lines, sewer, electrical hook-up, water…

Here are some indoor pictures to keep you updated.  Lucky for us, our friends (with experience AND power tools) are helping us on the inside.

Before pictures:

Kitchen beforeLiving room/eating area beforeMaster bath before

After two weekend of demo (plus some drywalling), removed rotten subfloor in bathroom, removed black mold linoleum… here are the results.

We kept the 3/8 inch drywall with the ugly vinyl wallpaper that screams “I’m a trailer house!” in the hallway, primed over the joints, taped over the joints, and mudded (and sanded) 3 times (my mom did most of this).  Then we textured the wall and ceiling using the Panda-Pawed (with knock down) technique.

Hallway drywalled textured

If you have pent up frustration, I suggest whacking a Panda Paw for a while.


The room looks like it could be in a real house.  Goal for the remodel: tighten it up, insulate it up, and get rid of anything that reminds me of a manufactured house.





The kitchen also had some work done.  It will be drywalled on the outside walls.  The inside walls will be primed, taped, mudded, and textured like the hallway.

Kitchen afterOr maybe I will just leave it like this… I like the open concept feel.

The master bath was removed.  There was a leak and black mold throughout and into the next bedroom.

Master Bath/ ReeRee's roomIt peeved me that the builder was so cheap they didn’t drywall behind the tub- see the pink insulation peeking out.  geez.  This room will be split back into two rooms (the master bath and bedroom).  We are moving the closets to make better use of the space.

Newt has been taking extra good care of the cattle lately, since we started this project.  He prefers cows over tools.  He even volunteered to cook us supper- twice!

He forgot to mention he drywalled a bit in college.  When forced to, Newt does a nice job.

I don’t think OSHA would approve of spurs on a ladder.

Drywalling in spurs


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