Faith in People

We have had problems, lots of problems, with the house move.  Throw in dentist and doctor appointments the next day and my stress level was skyrocketing.  By the end of the morning, I had lost faith in people.

As you know, dentists are on my top 4 fear list.  #1 Dentists, #2 Bulls, #3 Electric Fences, and #4 Doctors.  Fear by proximity… if any of these are close enough to touch you, pain will follow.

I started the day finding out my tooth was still infected, but I had bigger problems.  Like crowning 4 molars that have already been filled at least three times.

My good dentist retired, and I miss Dr. Bill and the fact he took my insurance. sniff sniff.

I shuffled out of the dentist office downtrodden and depressed of the future bills to come.  Next stop was the lumber store that Gerkin Windows said was a dealer.  Brand new store, super clean, and multiple locations in other cities in other states.

During the discussion to get estimates for remodeling materials, Ryan, at XYZ Lumber, kept asking questions I couldn’t answer.  “I’ve built 30 homes, how will you trim the windows if you add drywall…”

I asked about Gerkin Windows- his reply, “Those are for modulars.  We build real houses here.”  “Maybe you should go south (to Menards) if cheap is what you want.”

I left feeling like trash, trailer trash.  And angry because I always let people trample on me.

Faith in people…gone.

Fast forward after another doctor’s appointment and to another lumber store who did carry Benjamin Moore paint (to finish one side of the “new” house, well Ryan wouldn’t consider it a real house).

This lumber store sat between two brick industrial buildings, abandoned with boarded up windows.  This building didn’t look much younger.  The trains roared by.

I miss the store because their small size wasn’t visible from the street.  It was a place you had to know was here.  Locally owned for decades.  Multiple locations in towns in Nebraska.

But man- the customer service!  I was greeted (a real greeting) at the door.  Two staff helped me figure out my paint color, then let me use the phone to call the previous owner because I had the wrong name.

“Country Red” was my note, “Cottage Red” or “Country Redwood” were my options.  Good thing I called, I would have picked the wrong one!

Then Julie helped me with windows, storm doors, and she loves to salvage (and didn’t wrinkle her nose when I suggested reusing old wood cabinets).  They give discounts, so send her a list of supplies and they would give me a quote.

I left with a gallon of paint and a renewed faith in people!

And a couple free paint stirring sticks.  Free is good.

I need to tell my dentist that.

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One thought on “Faith in People

  1. Martha Wiseman

    Hummmm. Let me know what store Ryan represents, and I will be sure not to shop there.

    They should have been grateful to you as a potential customer, but they lost that chance.

    It is fortunate that you found a great store that can give you material AND moral support as you work through making your house your new HOME.

    Your “sow’s ear” will soon be beautiful! You just wait and see!

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