House Contractions

We bought a house, a double wide to be exact.  I haven’t slept for months after purchasing it, I worry all the time, and now I have “house contractions”.  Do I think of the finished house sitting at the ranch?  NO WAY- I’m finding movers, contractors, electricians, plumbers.  Then I remember this feeling.

I remember when I was pregnant with ReeRee.  Type 1 diabetic, the doctors, the appointments, the planning, the prepping, the overwhelming-ness of controlling bloodsugars.

I never thought of a live wiggly baby until Month 9.  I was too overwhelmed with the preparation to think of the final product.  Then you get your first contraction- the practice ones (I can’t think what they are called).

Then you realize… oh sh!t!  I’m not ready for a baby.  Pre-eclampsiaat 37 weeks!  I’m not ready for things to go awry!

Now I have house contractions.  The movers have started splitting the house.  The 100 sq foot mudroom that was added on fell to pieces when they picked it up.


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