Plant People are Weird

There is a division.  Plant Science/Animal Science.  Crops/Range.  Corn/Cows.  Plant People/Animal People.  Weird/Normal.

The plant people have morphed from farmers planting corn to this weird, organic movement.

For example, my aunt gave me some dried fruit.  I probably would have ate more, but she said it gave Grandad diarrhea.

Not an image I want to come to mind when I bite into a dried apricot.  But I digress, this label was on the wooden box the fruit came in.

I thought, “Plant People are weird.”  As a cow producer, I could never made a label like this and make people want to buy my product.

Peach label

Don’t believe me?


Cow people should not try to be like Plant people.

Just not quite the same, is it?

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