My New Bike

I got a new bike.  The cheap-skate in me had a hard time putting down four Benjamins for an exercise bike, but the budgeter in me realized all my savings from firing my crummy endocrinologist.

After weeks of shipping (long after my zeal had subsided), my new bike arrived.

the new bikeYes- it was broken.  Of course this was the last part I assembled, so I didn’t notice until I had put the entire bike back together.

So much for "new"Oh yeah, this too was cracked.  Just cosmetic.

NOT cosmetic!  During shipping they dropped my bike badly enough to crack the cover and bust the styrofoam under the bike.  Little pieces of my bike was in the bottom 😦

The rough handling also broke off the sensor inside.

The bike didn’t think I was pedaling and shut off after 5 seconds.

Another month until the repair man could come, so I improvised.  IF you held the heart sensors and set your resistance level BEFORE the bike timed off (a whole 5 seconds), you could continue to petal UNLESS you released the heart sensor.

When I called the bike company, I asked if they knew where I lived (aka the boonies).  Oh yes, no problem, a repairman will be dispatched.

The repairman traveled 350 miles from another state.  Figuring in mileage, his time and labor- the company would have been better off sending me a brand new bike.

Oh well, the bike works now (except for a slight thump when at Level 5) and I appreciate my mph, distance, and ability to change resistance much more.

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