It has been a hard couple of days.

The bloodsugars are NOT cooperating!

My average is double what it should be and I am hovering around 250 the entire time.

I’ve changed my infusion set (three times!!!), changed my tubing and insulin twice, upped my basal rate by 25%, and overbolus on meals.

I should be dead from all the insulin I’ve taken.

I tried eating “simple” foods like yogurt and cereal. I tried not eating anything, bolusing, and exercising (only cause a small dip down to 168).

I’m up every 2 hours to recheck my bloodsugars to see if they have (finally) gone done. Only to realize they are up even more. errr.

Nothing is working… I feel like I’ve been ran over by the ketone train. My eyes burn, I’m hungry, and I’m just mad when what you are suppose to do doesn’t work.

Put me out of my misery. Throw me in a blowout and let the coyotes nibble on my bones.

You know you feel like “yuck” when you throw out the old put-me-in-the-blowout saying.


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One thought on “Yuck

  1. Youngest Brother

    Man, growing up I had no idea you went through this type of thing everyday…this sucks!

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