The 2nd Dear John Letter

My dearly beloved,

We set the random date of November 3rd to come together to see if we can overcome our differences.

True, I have adjusted to Mr. Someone-New’s schedule. The romantic strolls on the beach are longer. Once I could stop thinking of you all night, the early mornings didn’t seem so terrible. Maybe sunrises can be romantic. My eyes adjusted to being in the bright spotlight with him. I even started thinking to myself, how much I could grow to love my new life without you.

Is it the chill in the air at home that makes me want to run away with you again? Or the fact my life is filled with darkness- an encompassing black I can’t get out of. I need you back to feel your warmth, even it is just for a few more hours.

Waaa- I want you back Mr. Standard Time! I only consider this a summer fling with Mr. Daylight Time. I’ve always, truly loved you more.

Taking the extra hour to sleep in… oh how I love that relaxing feeling. And I feel more energized, like I could get up an hour early and accomplish more in my mornings. True, the relation does tire me quickly- remember when I would head for bed at 9:15 pm because I was bushed! haha- oh, the memories….

So, please, consider taking me back. Our relation has been on-again off-again, but I swear, we can make it work this time!

Take me back, Mr. Standard Time!

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