Uggh- the Cold

I have a told. No: a Told! A TOLD, A TOLD!

sniff, sniff, AWCHHOO! Yes, that kind of “told”. The kind that stuffs you up so bad you say “T” instead of “C”.

Your eyes burn. Your head hurts. There is a scab on the back of your throat where the bacteria are having a party in your tonsils. The hang-ee-downy thing in the back of your throat feels limp and lifeless. You have no energy.

I know I am officially sick when my bloodsugars quadruple into the high 200’s and 300’s. For no good reason… ice cream is a good reason. A sniffle is not a good reason.

So I will up my temp basal, keep trying to exercise, and start a diet of Lipton noodle soup and sugar-free Powerade to stabilize my bloodsugars.

Maybe soon, my body will have whipped this cold and I can get back to normal.

sniff. sniff.

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