My Brothers- the twins

I have two brothers. They are twins.

I have an older brother, and a younger brother.

Here is the story of their birthdays on their birthday!

My grandmother was having a birthday party for my older brother. We were all packed and ready to head out the next morning to my grandparents (about an 1.5 hrs away).

My mom was very pregnant, but still had 10 more days until her due date.

That night, my mom and dad were watching “Silverscreen Classics” on PBS. Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Pyscho, was playing… the black and white thriller when the lady gets stabbed in the shower.


The scene was too much for my mom and it literally scared the baby right out of her. When she told my dad the baby was coming, his hair stood up on end.

Mom and Dad called our country school teacher, so she could come watch the rest of the kids for the night, as per the plan.

Mom: “My water broke!”
SchoolMarm: “I’m not a plumber, tell your husband to fix it.”

Once they figured out the pipes on the house were fine, but Mom needed to go to the hospital, SchoolMarm hurried over to our house.

The hospital was only 10 minutes from my grandparent’s house. Fearing her mother would stop in the delivery room, Mom told SchoolMarm to keep it a secret until we showed up.

And showed up we did! Grandma E: “Where is your mom and dad?” All us kids: “Having a baby!” My grandma nearly fainted.

We continued to have my older brother’s birthday dinner. Shortly after lunch, he received the present of a twin. 11 years and 31 minutes apart.

Happy Birthday, my twin brothers!

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One thought on “My Brothers- the twins

  1. Martha

    A great story that will forever be a family classic!

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