Creating English

English is a hard language to learn. Even when you are really little.

But as our little ones grow up, they develop a language of their own.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Fri-DER-day: Friday. “MawMom, you are staying home with me today? Is today Fri-DER-day?” Which is much better than ‘ome… that one broke my heart.

Em’s: shortened from the original version of “M&Ms”.

Bean-Bean: an edible dry bean (like kidney, red, northern). Not to be confused with a Green-Bean.

Penny Dollars: coins or change. Also known as “money-eze”.

Maw-Mom: Mom.

Handles: stubby, little horns on the corriente calves.

Highroad: highway or paved road. “Maw-Mom, do I have to ride in my carseat? Are we going on the highroad?

Popjuice: soda pop.

Feelers: feelings or emotions. “You hurt my feelers.”

Shut OFF!: my favorite so far, meaning “QUIET!” When Torpedo is barking at night: “Pedo, SHUT OFF!”

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One thought on “Creating English

  1. Leah

    Though I haven’t had the honor to meet sweet Ree Ree, she has my heart! 🙂 Sounds alot like my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

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