BM (and BM)

Newt and ReeRee went to help my folks move bulls home from summer pasture. It is a 10 mile trip and takes all day. I had a work obligation on Saturday and could not go.

They left on Friday. I was left all alone. TIME- so much free time! Oh TIME, how I miss squandering you!

I was lost, until I got back into my BM (and BM) mode.

Before Motherhood (and Before Marriage) schedule on a Friday evening consisted of cleaning my house. (Which at the time was only me, so seriously how much of a mess could have I made?) And seriously, how did I ever get married with this wild, crazy social schedule…

Friday evening looked like this…
Friday BM BM

On Friday evening, I popped out the “Nighttime Songs” from the CD player in ReeRee’s room. I put in the BM (and BM) CD of Dixie Chicks and blared it. This CD and it helped me write my thesis while on a constant repeat (my roommates hated this CD towards the end).

An SOS pad to shine up the waterspots on the fixtures and removed the soapscum off the shower and tub.

I cleaned like a maniac.

I used harsh BM (Before Motherhood) cleaners. Safety first- goggles and gloves!
Harsh chemicals

This harsh BM chemical is AWESOME for old houses with poor plumbing. You can actually take a shower and not a bath- drainage!

Awww- it was nice to remember BM (and BM).

But I sure was glad to see Newt and ReeRee!

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