Windy Fall Days + Kite

This fall has been full of breezy days.

Lucky for us, this warm autumn day whipped with gusty winds.

Perfect for…
Let's go fly a kite

ReeRee did a great job flying her first kite.

She held the string tight.
Hold on tight!

She walked backwards to keep the string tight.Kite down the road
Walked all the way down the driveway.

We didn’t have a lot of trees to worry about. We stopped before the powerlines that went over the road. There were some wire fences that almost barbed the fragile plastic kite. But the worst was the mess of sunflower stalks.
Hazards of downed kite

The sunflower heads became tangles in the string. One seedhead wouldn’t come off, so we flew the kite with the sunflower head on the string. (This bothered ReeRee, who really wanted me to take it off.)

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One thought on “Windy Fall Days + Kite

  1. Martha

    What a beautiful, perfect fall day to do something really fun together.

    Who said kite flying is just a spring sport!

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