Where were you when

Nine-eleven seems like so long ago.

But I can remember exactly where I was.

I was taking classes at the university. My other roommates had went to work or to class, so I was by myself eating breakfast and watching the morning news. (geez- watching the news is a privilage now, I never watch the news anymore, too busy and too depressing I guess.)

Anywhoo, the news anchor reported a plane had hit the World Trade building. You could see the smoke rolling out, but I thought there was a gas leak or other explosion from within the structure.

Then as I was taking a bite of cereal, I could see a plane in the distance, and then OMG, the plane was turning towards… AHHH!

I dropped my spoon and just stared at the screen. I watched for a couple more minutes, but I had already saw it. It was true.

And then I realized I was all alone in my apartment. There was not another soul to confirm what I had just saw. I ran to campus and stopped at the office where everyone was talking about it. And I felt a little better, not much, but a little for a while.

Where were you when you found out?

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