Apples Apples Apples

Even with a late spring frost, the apple crop has exploded at our house. (Translated to: we actually had apples on our apple tree!)

Apples apples apples

And then a neighbor gave us some more apples. The birds were starting to peck holes in the apples, so ReeRee and I picked a laundry basket full from our tree. I have apples running out of my ears. Beautiful apples with no spots or worms.

I already made a batch of applesauce, but yesterday ReeRee and I tackled the apple pies.

Peeling apples

Lucky for me I found a wedding gift in the closet- an apple peeler and it worked fairly well. My apples weren’t perfectly round, but it was MUCH easier than peeling the entire bushel by hand.

If you have tons and tons of apples, here is a quick way to core them. Cut #1:
1st apple cut

Cut #2:
2nd apple cut

Cut #3:

And Cut #4: sorry no picture- my pictures were all blurry, so it is the last and only cut you can make.

Fruits of your labor

In only 4 cuts, you have pieces that can be sliced and a core with minimum waste. This cutting method saved me hours of meticulous coring with a paring knife.

We made one batch of apples into a pie. I used the Pat-in-the-Pan piecrust– crispy and flaky- yumm!
Apple pie

It barely left a dent in our pile of apples. So I cooked up some sugar, cinnamon, tapioca, and sliced apples.

Sugar apples cinnamon

I cooled the mixture and bagged it for future apple pies.
Cooked apples

What is your favorite recipes to make from fresh apples?

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