Plant of the Week- Goldenrods

Plants of the Week is back!

The fall is bringing in a combination of yellows, oranges, and reds.

This week, we focus on the YELLOW.

Stiff goldenrod

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the goldenrod! This particular goldenrod grows in the wetter bottoms or in better, clayey soil. The flowers make an umbrella shape.

I dug up a stiff goldenrod this spring and planted it in my flowerbed. It has done extremely well- the blooms are so heavy the flowers are bending over from the weight.

But if you are more interested in our state flower, here is Missouri goldenrod.
Stiff goldenrod

I also planted Missouri goldenrod in my flowerbed several years ago, after the invasion of grasshoppers ate every single flower I planted. (FYI- marigolds are not grasshopper intolerant.)

Unlike its cousin (Stiff), Missouri goldenrod is rhizomatous. That means it spreads through underground roots.

It has taken over my flowerbed.

The goldenrods are a bright, sunny yellow in the pastures right now. A beautiful state flower indeed.

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