Plant of the Week- Annual Sunflower

We drove through the pastures in the Mule, and the sunflower pollen covered the dash. I had large yellow dots from holding ReeRee’s sunflowers on my jeans. Like dry powered paint dubs.

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

The sun sets through a field of annual sunflowers.

The sunflowers are “annuals” or grow every year from seed. There is another type of Sandhill sunflower called the “Stiff Sunflower”, but it is a perennial with a single flower at the top and the leave are straight across from each other on the stem.

The sunflower usually doesn’t bloom until late August, the same time we had to start back to country school. Some oldtimers say that means the rest of the summer will be hot and dry. Some oldtimers say it means it will be wet. I guess one of them is right…

So for now, just enjoy the colorful and abundant annual sunflower.


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One thought on “Plant of the Week- Annual Sunflower

  1. Martha

    With your beautiful photography of our native plants, I believe you should make a book!

    Your photographs are inspiring and uplifting. They are not just a clinical photo of a wildflower, but hold so much more.

    Your photos capture the essence of the Sandhills. The surprises held within each day, little gifts over each hill ~~~ and the joy of being alive to enjoy them.

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