National “Run Around Naked” Week

That’s right! The weather has turned balmy and warm.

I hereby decree it is “National Run Around Naked Week”.

Not because I could survive outside in my birthday suit (with some sunscreen), but because I’m sick of laundry.

no laundry

Ranch laundry is different than regular laundry. Grass stains, smoke (from brandings), grease stains, sweat stains, blood stains, grass stains, cow poop stains, dirt stains, mud splatters, hydraulic fluid splatter and I’m just talking about Newt’s shirt!

But, like regular laundry, ranch laundry multiplies while you are sleeping… The loads become bigger, dirtier, and stinkier overnight.

Add a two-year old that changes clothes several times a day AND hangs out on the ranch. Add: chocolate stains, juice stains, markers stains, crayon scribbles.

The summers here are warm, so why bother wearing clothes? It would save me a lot of loads. There are just 3 of us. What do people with multiple kids do???

In honor, of National Run Around Naked Week (to reduce unnecessary loads in the washer), here are some of my laundry blunders. No need to wonder why I dislike laundry.

*turned on the washer, but forgot to put the clothes in. (I’ve done this several times. I go back to get the laundry basket and get distracted cleaning toilets or untangling ReeRee’s hair from her shirt. Forget to bring back the clothes to the washer.)
*forget the laundry in the washer. The longer it sets, the smellier it gets. Pewww! Add some suds and rewash immediately.
*bleach spots. Bleach the clothes and not in a good way.
*dry my wool sweater vest in the very hot dryer. The vest shrunk- a lot.
*melt the cording on a jacket while ironing. I thought it was leather. It was plastic and melted into a nice puddle.
*wash a load of whites with your red towel with hot water. (I did not do this, but the young guy at college did. He wore pink socks all semester.)
*hang the clothes on the line, and then it rains, and rains again the next day. The clothes were triple rinsed by the time I got them off the line.
*think the Thanksgiving turkey is burning, but it is really the lint in my dryer. The entire pipe leading outside was clogged.

So revolt against laundry this week and join a nudist colony! Just maybe, then I can catch up laundry this week!

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One thought on “National “Run Around Naked” Week

  1. Becky

    Love it!!!!! You should write a book.

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