I need your vote!

I think I may be crazy.

(Newt would agree I am already crazy, but don’t let him sway your judgement.)

Cast your vote!  Am I crazy?

Cast your vote! Am I crazy?

This house is free and needs to be moved off of its crumbling foundation. I would like to move it 20 miles over soft, gravel roads, 13 autogates, and who knows how many powerlines.

Not to mention, it’s a total gut job.

But when I walked in, the house called my name. Or maybe it was the ten-thousand mice living there who were calling my name…

Did I mention it was free? I like free.

So cast your vote! No, you aren’t crazy- go for it. Or, what in the world are you thinking!!

And maybe we would have to invest in some new windows. Maybe.

Did I mention I have no construction experience? I got a circular saw for Christmas last year and it is still in the box. Beside my saw I have a hammer. End of tool list.

And I want to complete the entire project for less than $50,000.

Do you want to change your vote now?

*Disclaimer: there is no prize for entering this contest. Void in Maine. Winners will be victims who voted “go for it”, who will later be recruited for future projects on the house.*

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5 thoughts on “I need your vote!

  1. Youngest Brother

    Well, everyone knows how much I love old, rusty things…so maybe you’re not completely crazy?

  2. Go For It! I have a Hubby and Dad who have taught me a thing or two about gutting a house and I would be glad to help out! I am no help for moving, but hey at least it would be yours! 🙂

  3. Becky

    I am not sure of the cost of moving and new foundation, electrical, plumbing, windows and a good roof. That will be your first concerns. What are you using this house for? A studio, summer place or a residence? I have helped fix up three old un-loved houses in the sandhills since I first put my feet in the sand here in 1995. (They too, called to me) Actually, 4 if you count my cabin in Hidden Paradise. I invite you to come to the Rose Hill Parsonage anytime and see my latest project. I had help with the plumbing and electrical and was Blessed with a new roof. (long story) I feel strongly our Lord Jesus Christ was and is behind me all the way. Your Mom loves the Parsonage. Come and see it sometime.

  4. School Marm

    Knowing your creativity and ability to learn how to do anything you put your mind to, and since it calls to you, I say GO FOR IT!! Just provide one of your family dinners and ask everyone to bring something…a tool, a board, a window, etc. lol

  5. Martha

    Did you check for termite damage on the floor supports and walls?

    Once it were gutted, is the frame sound?

    It looks like it could be really cute, though. Porch…. dormer window….nice.

    You didn’t tell us how much it would cost to move it!

    Good Luck deciding!

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