Pharmacies on the Prairie

I gathered with some college friends last weekend. One of my friend’s mom works in the pharmacy where I get my insulin supplies.

“Don’t you have a pharmacy closer?” she asked.

The answer is no. The closest pharmacy is 65 miles. I have 3 options- 65 miles to the east, 65 miles to the north, or 65 miles to the south.

Shipping is nearly $8 a shot, but it is cheaper than driving that far. Although I don’t like to ship my insulin supplies in the heat or the cold. Which (in the Sandhills) is about 2 weeks of decent shipping temperatures.

I do like multiple month supplies, where I can order 2 or 3 months at a time. But you have to watch how you order, or it will double your co-pay. If I ask for a 20 day supply, it is $52. If I ask a month’s supply, it is $117.52. Insurance- I don’t understand it.

Pharmacies on the prairie… they really don’t exist. You have to drive to farm country to find one.

How far is it to YOUR local pharmacy?

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One thought on “Pharmacies on the Prairie

  1. Becky

    We are so blessed here in Bassett. A pharmacy just opened this May at our local hospital. Before our choices were 20 miles west in Ainsworth or 30 miles east in Atkinson and maybe Mitchell, South Dakota to the north and Burwell or Ord to the south, not sure. Three cheers for Rock County Pharmacy! Thanks for the updates.

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