Beginning ranchers… ahhh, it sounds so romantic. Our chores are completed with a Mule (ATV type thing), a tractor (bale processor attached), and the ranch pickup (with caker and bale bed).

In the movies, the young rancher drives a brand new (and spotless) pickup. Or a restored 1950’s Chevy with shiny paint and the engine turns over every time.

Chores are done effortlessly in a jolly green tractor, equipped with loader and heated seats, by a tan and flawless pony-tailed woman in a white shirt. Seriously, a white shirt? THUNK!

That was me, whacking you upside the head with reality.

We are 1 for 3 on machines to do chores. Yep, down to the Mule (beep, beep). The spring broke, KER-chunk, as we caked pairs in the ranch pickup. The springs are important- they keep your bed from rubbing on the brand new tire. The old Dodge looks like an elephant was sitting in the passenger side, very lopsided.

Then ReeRee and Newt did chores yesterday. And she came home in different pants- the extra pants we keep in the diaper bag. Which during potty training only means one thing.

“ReeRee, what happened to your pants?”

“Oh Mommy!Thetractor,moke,everywhere.Mess-theseat,” all her words ran together.

“So Daddy, what happened?” I didn’t understand a word. Except for the “moke” or “smoke”.

“The tractor blew a hydraulic hose under the seat of the tractor.” He held up ReeRee’s oil stained pants as proof. “There was oil and smoke everywhere in the cab. I’m just glad we didn’t have to walk from the Far Center.”

I soaked, pretreated, and washed the pants and Joel’s sweatshirt. And they still reek and have hydraulic stains on them. Currently, they are airing out on the clothes line.

Any advice to get out oil stains?

Or how to feed four tons of hay with a Mule?

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One thought on “Busted

  1. Becky

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the real world of ranching! I love reading your updates.

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