REAL Colors

I spend a week in the Big City (2nd biggest in the state). Cars, lots of people, and more than a gas station to eat out at. And internet at the hotel was so slllooooooow. Thus no updates on the blog.

In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve been up to:
*learned to facilitate groups to appreciate and understand the four personality groups (hence the name REAL Colors)
*we all possess the four colors, but some of us “live” comfortably in a color
*luckily I could draw from my unique and diverse family for all groups

*GOLDs- structured, one right answer, detail oriented, needs control, aversion to change, likes lists
*GREENS- the thinkers, needs more time to answer, even the perfect answer could be improved, could work alone
*BLUES- feelings, want to keep everyone happy and in the group, romantic, good listener
*ORANGES- spontaneous, risk takers, action, fun, parties

I am now available to train groups to appreciate and work with the different colors. I could see potential for boards or groups that work together. And family and friends, if you want to know my opinion on your color, feel free to ask. Or complete the booklet for a more reliable diagnosis.

But even after four days in a city filled with restaurants and lush, green lawns, I was ready to come home. That’s the Country Mouse coming out in me.

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