Click.  I sent it.  After months of calculating lost wages, the grimy state of my house, higher cost of benefits, fewer hours at the babysitter, and my mental sanity, I sent it.  My heart pounded and I closed my eyes when my mouse clicked “send”.

A letter to my boss requesting to temporarily go part-time.

Now I wait and see if I will go from a full-time employee, part-time mom and wife, and the job I can’t quit (diabetes, you are a drag) to a part-time everything.  (Exception: full-time diabetes.)

I have been part-time for a month now. Besides the drastic cut in pay, I like it. My house is clean(er), I spend more time at home and on the ranch, and it just feels right. Too bad I didn’t win the lottery, so I could stay home and work when I want to. Because that’s what billionaires do, right? A post for another day: What would I do with a billion dollars to spend?

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One thought on “Part-Time

  1. Betsy B.

    Great choice! Best of both worlds. Although welcome to the club of part timers, where you don’t fit in with full timers and you don’t fit in with stay at home moms either, but it is still the best place to be 🙂

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