R-rated Teeth

As I’ve mentioned before, dentists are one of my proximity-based fears.(https://diabeticontheprairie.com/2012/03/25/fear-based-on-proximity/   .)  Dentists, as well as bulls and electric fences, will only cause you pain if they are close enough to touch you.

Not only did I have to get a new dentist, but I also had an abscessed tooth before I made the switch.  (AND the new dentist isn’t a PPO on my insurance.This worries me, too.).

Little old me thought you got some antibiotics and your abscessed tooth was cured.  Unfortunately for me, I needed another root canal.

And then I entered my own personal scary movie.  Not just any root canal.  A root canal through the side of my head.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Shots, incision, a filling in the side of my tooth, chipping away at my jaw bone to find and remove the top piece of infected root with pliers, and stitches.

I nearly passed out when I heard this is what would be happening to me.  Appointment day came.  My bloodsugars spiked to 300 due to the stress.

A topical numbing agent, shots to deaden the pain, a cut through my gum to find the bad nerve, drilling, a snap, stitch-stitch-stitch.  “Well, you are all done!” the dentist said.

I looked at my watch.  Only 15 minutes had passed.  X-rays take longer than this!

“Lucky for you, your tooth was not imbedded into the bone.  We refer to it as a ‘naked tooth’.”

Lucky for me, I have R-rated teeth.  Nudity and all.

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