I read it takes 120 days of exercise, before other people can tell you are losing weight.  Christmas and a month of stressful potential life changing events put me another five pounds in the red.  I decided it was time for some action (as in walking/running, not eating yummy donuts).

But exercise is hard on my bloodsugars. (  I’m low, I’m high, I end up eating more calories in glucose tabs than I burned off.

But after a week of exercising, I had success.  Three 15 minutes shifts on the treadmill (walking, walking with weights, running (briefly)), and just only two glucose tabs, a reduced bolus for supper, and temporary basals that evening.

The temporary basals were what I was missing.  I started exercising at 5:30 pm, lower my basal rate for 4.5 hours to 75%, then at 10 pm (bloodsugar of 93), I lowered my basal another 5 hours to 60%.  Midnight- 145.  7 am- 92. No early morning lows.

Finally, success!  Let’s hope I can keep up the exercising (I dread it and crave it) and the good bloodsugars.

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