The last couple weeks have been a blur of sick days and use-it-or-lose-it vacation days. I have been home with ReeRee for two whole weeks. ReeRee is 2 ½ years old and this is the longest I have been in her presence since I left for maturity leave. This makes me sad.

What I have learned after 2 weeks off:

-I actually like being around the kid when I am rested and relaxed. She stopped calling me the babysitter’s name, no longer wraps herself around my leg “don’t leave Mommeee, don’t leave!”

-ReeRee is an excellent sue chef. Cakes, noodles, cookies, muffins, and pizza-we can make it all. ReeRee leaves covered in flour. I leave with my jeans fitting a bit tighter.

-I would only need two pairs of clothes. One pair to wear, while the other is getting washed. How wonderful to never go clothes shopping again!

-My house was disgustingly filthy. When I first got the “yuckies”, I wasn’t sure if the cold or flu had hit. So I bleached toilets, scrubbed showers, and cleaned hair out of the drains- I figure if I was going to vomit, those foul cleaning jobs would do it.

-I found out I only had a cold. No yuckies.

-I found out I enjoy being with my toddler. Geez, I miss her already and I don’t start work until tomorrow.

-I can sleep like a rock when I don’t worry about work, deadlines, coworkers’ crabby moods, budget, and trying to schedule babysitters.

-If I stayed home full-time (never happen, since diabetes will always require good insurance and LOTS of bills), I would need a schedule. Especially to take out the trash and shower. Two things I forgot to do. And my nose was plugged, so I really couldn’t tell. Poor Newt and ReeRee.

-If I stayed at home full-time, I would feel the urge to clean everything. Every little spot bothers me. Crumbs on the floor, smear of ReeRee’s face on the window, smudge on the carpet.

These last two weeks made me realize, I like being a mom more than an employee.

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