Chores- Part III

So our list was complete, but Newt forgot to tell me about caking the horses and bulls.  Lucky for them, winter grass was available to munch on.  We had to play catch up the next day.  Since we are taking the Mule to save on gas, the cake was removed from the feed pickup’s “caker”.


Off to the pasture.  Run Torpedo Run!


Torpedo runs the entire way.  Buster, on the other hand, is wiser and smarter and rides in the back to protect the full buckets from straying cows’ noses.


The bulls and mares hear us coming and chase Torpedo into the Mule.

Pedo on the left.


Pedo on the right.  Why do dogs love to jut their noses out into the wind?


The broodmares and baby colts start eating the cake off the ground.  Mares are top dogs and will run off the bulls.  “Get outta here” with pinned back ears and chopping teeth get the bulls moving.


More cake is sprinkled on the ground in a different spot for the bulls.  There are eleven bulls, and like their younger counterparts, they LOVE to eat.


Easy Toro!  Scare the beegeebers out of me!

 2012-Grullo-and-Chores-185 2012-Grullo-and-Chores-190

The bulls settle down and snarf up the feed.  And ReeRee is awake and..

ReeRee- no eating the cake!


Chores are officially over, until tomorrow morning that is.  And we finished the day with . . .


. . . a sand lizard.  Amazing the winter has been so warm.  He was sunny himself in a pile of cottonwood leaves on the south side of the shop.

Here’s the handoff.


ReeRee is a little uncertain about this lizard.  But she warms up quickly.



Look Mom!  A lizard on my hand!  Cool!


Awwww!  Get it off!  He’s crawling down my sleeve!  Ahhh!


The lizard hopped onto my coveralls and I placed him back in the leaves.


You never know what you will encounter when doing chores!

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One thought on “Chores- Part III

  1. Martha

    The Toro photo is amazing. Cake here he comes!

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