Chores- the Sequel

What!  Come back here!  Chores aren’t finished yet!  The buckets are filled for the beef and corriente calves and the little bulls.


The beef calves are replacement heifers, which will someday grow up into cows.  The corriente calves will be sold this spring as team roping cattle.  (These are the calves with “handles”.)


The calves look a leery, but come in for some pellets.  If memory serves me correctly, these calves get 2 buckets.  I dig in my coat pocket for the list.  I find a bag of fruit chews (for low bloodsugars), a fence staple, and…


Whoops.  These get 6 buckets.  Surely I would have noticed 2 buckets wasn’t enough for 60 calves.  Shirley.

In goes the pellets.


And the crowd bucks and runs for their breakfast.  The mob will be segregated soon into two groups: the heifers and the horned cattle.  The horned bulls are still “intact” and we try to avoid unplanned teen pregnancies in our little heifers.

Off to the Gallion to feed the little bulls.  We hope these bulls will grow up to be money making machines on Dad’s annual Angus bull sale.  There are twelve prospects, but all twelve won’t make the cut.  Well, some will get the cut…

After several hours of bouncing around, ReeRee starts to fade.  And passes out cold on the seat.


I continue to feed the fuzzy, black purebreds the remaining two buckets.  Like teenage boys, the bulls have an unlimited appetite and crowd in.


ReeRee sleeps all the way back to the bins.  Will she awake for the last part of feeding?

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