Pancreas in the Ditch

I talk a lot about the first part of my title “Chickens in the Road” and ranch life.  But I haven’t been covering the “Pancreas in the Ditch” and my struggles with Type 1 diabetes.

Why?  After pondering this question, I came up with this.  Diabetes is constant (like that annoying ringing in your ears when you get a cold- no one else notices or can even tell that every second is freaking driving you crazy!)  You try to explain to someone, and they look at you funny and say “I don’t hear anything.  My ears aren’t ringing.”

Diabetes is infuriating.  The intricate web our body’s call hormones are a well-oiled machine.  Until a hormone goes missing (ie. insulin) and the motor runs rough and sputters.  I went to bed at a perfect 112 bloodsugar.  Checked at 2 am- 162, not great, not bad.  Checked at 6 am- 400.  Holy cow- didn’t see that coming!   Same routine as the day before, same routine the day after and totally different results.

So pat the right side of your stomach today and say “thanks” to your pancreas if it still works.

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