Language Barriers

ReeRee, at 2.5 years, is already seeing differences on the ranch.  She is learning a new vocabulary, while we are trying to figure out ReeRee’s language.  As her mother, I’ve already has some mishaps with the toddler language barrier.  For example, ReeRee likes to be “tucked” in bed at night.  Newt and I “tucktucktuck” the blankets around her until she resembles a burrito blanket.  Late one night I stumbled into ReeRee’s room to help her potty.  Without my glasses the world was blurry, I pulled jammie pants back on her and carried her to her bed.  She was cold, so we sat in the rocking chair (as she calls it “ReeRock”) with a blanket.  “tuck,” she croaked.  I laid her in her bed. “Tucktucktuck.  Good night sweetie.”  “tuck,” she croaked again.  Geez, lots of tucking tonight.

Fifteen minutes later, “tuck! tuck!”  Good grief, I pulled off my warm blankets and stumbled back into her room.  “Mommy, my leg ish tuck.”  Tucktucktuck- I pushed her blankets around her feet.  “My LEG TUCK!  It TUCK!” ReeRee said as she pulled off her blanket.

And then I realized- I pulled one leg of her pajamas over both her legs. “My legs are stuck!”

Language barriers, yes!

Toddlers also creating a new language can be nearly as frustrating.  ReeRee was riding in the Mule helping me feed the weaned calves pellets.


“Those calfs have haoreods,” ReeRee said, pointing to the calf.

“Those calves have hardware?” I said.



“Hangles!!!” she was getting frustrated with me.  And then it dawned on me!

“HANDLES!  Those are horns!  Haha, those horns do look like little handles!”

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