I have talked a lot about fires this summer.  The lack of rain and record high temperatures caused fires across the state.  But I haven’t been near one.  I’ve smelled the smoke and seen the haze in the distance, but I haven’t been IN one.

But you don’t realize how scary a fire is until you are up close.  Too close!


Mom took these pictures (thanks Mom).  Grandad and her were delivering water and sandwiches to the rural volunteer firemen.  The ranchers were in their grassrigs fighting the fire and deciding where to go (cell service was spotted at best).


Mom said they were in the wrong spot at the wrong time!


Get out of the way!


This guy was waving in the trucks and maintainer to put out the fire before it jumped the road.

When the grassrigs can’t keep up with the fire, they call in the planes.  This fire was 1.5 miles across and 10 miles long. Da Plane Da Plane!


The damage was done.  Grass burnt to their crowns.  Fence posts charred.


The fire went through a pasture of cattle.  They must have escaped untouched!  (I prefer Black Angus myself, but these are still a pristine white.)  Just hanging out on the blackened hill like nothing happened.


Scary!  Will it flare up?  Wind direction change and you are turned to a crisp?  Is the wind picking up and will the fire spread to thousands and thousands of burned, barren acres?  What if it burns my place?  What will I feed the cows this winter?  Yep, scary.

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