Maybe this wasn’t…

After watching hours of HGTV (painful for Newt), I released my inner DIYer.

I am tearing down the old barn by our rental (built over 80 years ago) before the owner burns it down.

With my crowbar, nailpuller, hammer, ladder, and little patience, I ripped the first board off.  I had some problems locating the necessary tools, as Newt thought saving the old wood was a bad idea.  OK, not a bad idea but to quote the Newster, “Sounds like I will have to haul stuff.”  (The builder used nails freely and they are EVERYWHERE!  An hour down and only one board down.)

The hayloft of the old barn was dark and creepy and smelled.  I never had the nerve to crawl up there, for fear of an attack from a rabid coon or the resident ghost hiding behind the old mattress springs or antique heater.

Four boards later and the dusty, dark corner of the hayloft was revealed.

An old purple bottle rolled over my head to the ground in a cloud of dust.  A box of Warbex (deadly poison used to treat grubs in cattle) is baaaad stuff.  It will mess you up and hasn’t been on the market for decades.  The smell of old dead corpses and poop (not refreshing cow or horse poo, but furry mammal stink) greeted me.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

See the big pile of hair?  My tentative guess was petrified porcupine as I poked the crispy pile with a stick.  What’s yours?  (The answer to be revealed shortly.  I’ve pulled off a few more boards and got a better look.)

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One thought on “Maybe this wasn’t…

  1. No guesses on the big pile of hair?

    Drumroll please…. it is Hereford tails. Or at least that is what it looks like. Why someone would shave the tail of a cow? I really don’t know.

    I hope no one was staying up at night wondering, wondering what the answer was.

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