I’m getting old.  Old enough to remember Yosemite Sam and the angry tantrums he used to throw.  Bugs Bunny would frustrate him and an explosion of “Racking-Fracking” and hat stomping would ensue.  Some of you are too young and may need to research this particular method of throwing a fit.

Stay with me- Yosemite Sam comes into play.

Work has been busy.  The crazy busy that stresses bloodsugars to the max and robs you of sleep.

I have a big territory I oversee.  My territory (and others) went through a redistricting, thus changing the area I cover.  Not a big deal until you realize you are losing 20% of your budget and oh-by-the-way we need the contracts renewed because your territory has changed.  And my companies weren’t happy with the change.

Stress, work on the budget, more stress, and then these darn contracts.  eeeerrrreeerrr.  Double err to that!  So I set up appointments with my companies to get the proper signatures, at of course, the busiest times of year.  The secretaries were called and I was scheduled with a time on the agenda!

But isn’t it wonderful when things fall into place!  Meet with first company and receive signatures.  Since in the area, help a friend work cattle.  Get home after my bedtime.  Get up at 4:30 am to travel to Mom and Dad’s to help brand calves.  In my mushy, sleep deprived brain, I had figured the time change in.  Leave folks’ by 2 pm our time to travel back, change into decent clothes at the office, drive to my last company for the board’s signatures that evening. 

Hustle, hustle.  Brand, brand, the calves bawl, ReeRee bawls, the vaccine guns aren’t working.  Eat the branding meal quick, hug family ‘bye, and leave by 2 pm.  Still on schedule.  Leave the office 10 minutes early, head west, time changes and I gain an hour.  My hair smells like smoke, but my clothes look good and I hustle to their office.  Tired, I am so tired.  Just one more set of signatures.  Sleep, I need sleep!

The sprinklers were right on the sidewalk and I danced around them in my work shoes as I passed a man on the grass.  “They’re making it hard to get in here on time,” I said.  And the man just nodded and quickly walked away.  Geez, did I smell that bad from the branding?

The secretary greeted me at their office.  I could see one board member behind her.  “Hello Herb,” I said with a weary wave. 

“They aren’t here,” the secretary said.  Crappy crackers- did I mess up on the time change!?!  “Herb is right there,” I said pointing, as if she didn’t realize Herb was over her shoulder, “And I thought I suppose to be here at 5 pm?  And it’s 10 minutes to that?”  I just drove by the bank clock- it was a quarter to then.

“Yes, you are early and your appointment was at 5 o’clock.  The other members left early.  You must have passed Bob on the way out.”  The man who didn’t give eye contact at the sprinkler…  The man who left before the agenda was complete, before the time I was scheduled…

RACKING-FRACKING!  Throw my hat to the ground and stomp, stomp, stomp!  Wasted time, wasted sleep, wasted travel!  Stomp, stomp, stomp! 

 Inside my head, Yosemite Sam was throwing a big ole fit.

“I see,” and I smiled.  It was a forced smile.  “Can you put me on for their next meeting please?  Thank you.”

I collapsed into the work car.  If my meeting has been uneventful, I would have fell asleep on the drive home.  Instead the steering wheel was in a death grip under my hands and I racking-fracking-ed all the way home.

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