Watering the Toads

Newt: “The water is running under the deck.  Did you know the hose is running?”

Me thinking to myself- “Do I try to explain this?  Or do I just pretend my Alzheimer’s is kicking in?”


The summer was record setting this year!  I gave up on watering my lawn, allowing it to go dormant until cooler weather arrives.  Drought + Grasshoppers = Another No-Go on the garden.

So my watering routine is fairly simple.  I water the 3 planters on the deck, one pot of herbs, and the dogs.  The dogs drink from an old “lick” tub.  Calves licked the sweet molassesy feed clean and I am left with a large round waterer for the domesticated animals at my house.

There is a problem with the waterer.  Due to the dry year and high temps, my sand toads get very hot.  (And I love my toads, because they eat gross, creepy crickets.  I hate crickets.  And grasshoppers.  I don’t like their buggy eyes either.)  The toads were hopping into the waterer at night, but searched in vain to find a way out.

So after finding ballon-like, upside-down toads flowing in my waterer every morning, I took action.  I checked the water every night before bed.  Next morning, arrgh!  Another dead toad!  A stick was added for the toads to flow on until their rescue the next morning.  Mission failed.

It took three days and six dead toads later before it dawned on me.

The toads were thirsty.  And hot.  Very hot under the deck with the south sun scalding the sand!

So I added an extra chore and started running the hose under the deck until a nice puddle filled up.  The toads LOVED it and would bury themselves in the cool, wet sand.  See the toad nestled in, and the empty hole behind him where a toad hopped out.

Success!  No more drownings in the waterer!


Me: “Hose?  Hose?  Turn it off.  It must have fell out of the flowers I was watering.”

I didn’t feel like explaining myself in the roasting sun.  And Newt doesn’t like snakes.  And toads are just snakes with legs.  Myself, I am enjoying a cricket free yard!

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