Checking Water

It’s been hot and dry, so Newt has been “checking water” like crazy.  Most of the tanks are pumped full of water by windmills, which require wind to pump.  The tanks also have pipeline going to them for calm days, when the wind doesn’t blow, but the cows are still thirsty.  On a cool day, a cow can drink 30 gallons of water and needs more when it is hot.

ReeRee and I had the afternoon off, so we joined Newt in the Mule to check water.  He is checking water every day during this heat wave.

First tank- full.  And we rescued a box turtle, who fell into the tank.  He proceeded to thank me for saving his life by peeing all over (self-defense mechanism like the sand toads).



The cows looked good.  Calf 011 looked a little droopy, so Newt will watch him and doctor him if he stays sick.  (Calves have droopy ears and dry noses when they are sick.  Calf 011 had droopy ears, but a wet nose.  Maybe he was just sleepy- we woke him up.)  The bull was “intact” and had not hurt any personal parts necessary for breeding cows.  Yes, we check for this.  I bet the bulls would be embarrassed if they only knew.  Here is bull #47 with his herd of cows.



A staple in the fence was missing on the top wire (to the right of the bull).  I promised Newt I would crop out the drooping wire.  He didn’t have fencing supplies and his pride is tied to good fences.

I opened gates.  The reason you don’t wear flip-flops in the pasture.  Ouch.  The other cactus was stuck in my big toe.  But I scraped it off with a stick before I took this picture.



Newt walked through the second bunch to look for sick calves, bad eyes, or anything that looked unusual.  We hurried off to the third bunch.  It was lightning to the west and looked like (gasp!) rain!



But it didn’t.  The storm split and went around us.  But the lightning started some fires.  The grass rig was in business that night.

And the last bunch of corriente cattle.  The clouds were beautiful, but the cows weren’t cooperating to pose for pictures.  And my husband wouldn’t stop the Mule for a good shot.  This was the best I could do.


Beautiful, isn’t it?  Too bad it didn’t rain.

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Martha Wiseman

    The sharp photo of the cows against the sky is amazing! Even more so when Newt wouldn’t stop!

  2. Thanks Martha! I took several blurry ones, but this one was the best.

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