Grass Rigs

There is now an 8th day to the week- Fireday.  Fires are becoming so common, Newt has left to find or fight fires at least once a week.  So normal and common now, we need to add an extra day for them.

You can see the damage from this fire.  You can’t see it in the picture, but a yucca plant was growing next to a fence post.  The extra “kindling” was so hot it burned the post in half!  The Sandhills have very fragile soils, so the rancher won’t be able to graze until next fall, or the soil will run off.

Fires 2012

The tire marks near the windmill are from “grass rigs”, or the rancher’s version of a fire truck.  Big trucks get stuck in soft sand, so ranchers mount a 200 gallon tank on the back on a ranch pickup.


Checking Water


See the small sprayer on the tank.  One person drives the truck and the other sits on the back and runs the sprayer.  Usually the ranchers lack protective clothing or masks.  So I worry when Newt goes out to fight fires.  Plus the fact, this pickup broke a “U” joint on the way back from the last fire.  The joys of a beginner rancher- no money to buy new stuff!

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